Meet Graham Watson

About me

I was given my first camera for my 13th Birthday in 1981 by my parents. A Praktica MTL-5 with various lenses, a flashgun and a tripod, topped off with two rolls of Black and White Film.

“OK Dad” I said, “How do I use this then”, My dad looked at me and said “work it out”.

What a complicated device, but with my brothers help and a book from the local library I was soon able to work out how to take a photograph. I still to this day get excited about having a film returned from developing, and I do not mean waiting at the local developers for 1 hour service. I only use my film cameras for pleasure nowadays as the digital revolution is here to stay, and I love it. I am passionate about capturing the right shot at the right time. At an event like a wedding or a birthday I put a lot of fun and energy into my day, during studio sessions I work hard to get a smile or a stood still pet.

Although I have only been shotting professionally since 2010, I have had various cameras for 34 years and counting.

I have achieved a BA(Hons) degree in Photography and I am a member of the Royal Photographic Society, and over the years have had about 300 amateur photographers partake in photographic Workshops during my association with NY Images UK Ltd.

As a director of Artco Framing and Mirrors in Leeds with my wife Jackie, I can offer a one stop shop for photography, printing and framing. I hope to see you soon.

I hope you now feel like you know me a little better and I look to working with you and getting to know you in the future.

Graham Watson